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Do You want to Have a Great Week! let us tell you how

Having an amazing week? remarkable! whilst we’ve got an excellent week, we note our energy tiers are up and our happiness is extended. but, we don’t want to prevent there – allow’s make a good week into a fair better week! as the disney employees say, when you enter the magic kingdom, “its a notable day to have a super day”. each sunday night time, we tell our husbands “it’s going to be a extraordinary week”. it allows to have a high quality attitude going forward.

We’ve constructed a “splendid week” listing for us all. allow us to understand this week the way you manage. we can guarantee that if you do everything on this list, you may revel in a “outstanding week!”. you have 7 days-now get busy!

1. Awaken each morning and spend five extra mins lathering your body with a new frame lotion. fitness skin just feels precise.

2. Give yourself a natural facial each morning by using wetting a heat cloth and putting it over your eyes for five mins. lay down in your mattress and sit in silence for a lovely 5 mins (that is our new ritual and we’re obsessed).

3. Put on mascara (we like lengthy lashes) and usually have some kind of gloss to your lips. get creative; be confident! show off your stunning capabilities.

4. Get a nail trimming. when we feel suitable about our hands, we explicit ourselves a lot better!

5. Name that character you’ve got been “meaning to name”.

6. E-mail or send a letter of reward to a organization or store in which you acquired exquisite service. something from starbucks to a neighborhood retail store. we did this last week, and that they gave the employee a small raise! it made us feel top notch!

7. Watch the movie “the blind facet”. this movie has been out for a while now, however if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a should (or in case you haven’t watched “the blind side” in a while, watch it once more)! we don’t need to explain. whilst you see it, you’ll understand why.

8. Donate old clothes, toys or items for your local charity. it’ll make you sense so much more related together with your community.

9. Take a yoga elegance. we don’t care if you have by no means finished this. do it. cleanse your soul and release your self from outside strain. twist out the ones toxins and sense refreshed!

10. Earlier than you visit mattress, write down a wonderful message. start with “tomorrow, i’m able to accomplish”…….. simply one sentence is all you want.

We’ve finished this list and it not only makes us feel notable, but it additionally makes us sense very achieved. some weeks might be higher than others, but if you could find the time to enjoy at least 1/2 of this list, you will be in suitable shape! let us recognize the way you do!


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