Simple but Effective Ways to Prevent Dehydration

It’s Heat period here in Nigeria, and the temperature outside is now more or much less often over 90 stages. high time for dehydration. if in which you live additionally takes place to be humid, then you definately’ve just moved into the dehydration rapid lane. and for all of you who workout exterior – biking, strolling, hiking, boot camp – you’re essentially riding a ferrari at the autobahn to dehydration-land. you’ve heard the guidelines one million instances, however they’re crucial enough that they undergo repeating:

Drink regularly (water and decaf tea)
Bypass the caffeine (if you want to dehydrate you)
Drink icy cold drinks to get your inner temperature down faster
Monitor the color of your urine (clear or light yellow is everyday).

Right here are the signs of dehydration:

Thirst (apparent!) thirst is clearly a bad indicator of your hydration popularity. by the point you absolutely sense thirsty, you’re truly about 1-2% dehydrated, which is considerable.

Dry or sticky mouth

Headache and migraine (many a migraine may be prevented in the early degrees by drinking 2-3 cups of water)

Low lower back pain – this is the kidney’s way of asking for extra water.

Chapped lips – don’t lick them as it will cause them to drier

Dry skin

Dizziness upon rising/standing quickly (blood strain may additionally drop when you cross from lying down to status)


Constipation and/or dry/tough stools
Negative skin turgor (check with “flat” hand. pinch and pick out up the pores and skin on the lower back of your hand. it have to right away bounce back – and could generally achieve this when nicely hydrated. if it flattens out slowly, then you definately’re probable dehydrated. try this for a few days, be aware what’s everyday for you.)
Low or no urine output
Concentrated urine seems dark yellow
Speedy heart rate


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